Cerba HealthCare Card: benefits for cardholders

Cerba HealthCare Card is the magnetic card that distinguishes our regular customers. The card lasts three years from the time of its issue and it leads to multiple benefits all of wich could be decisive for your needs both for speed of service and affordability

The cost to the public of Cerba HealthCare Card is 10 Euro; it is however possible to be a free owner if employed by a company using Centro Medico Delta Medica for Health Surveilance and Occupational Medicine services or if you are a member of a sports club affiliated with our centres

Below is a list of advantages for cardholders:

-10% discount on all services performed in our different clinics"Centro Medico Delta Medica

-10% discount on services in the rehab physical medicine departments"Centro Medico Delta Medica"

-20% discount on the price list of the clinical analysis laboratory for solvent customers"Centro Medico Delta Medica"

-reserved access lane for busiest admissions